Not only is our sound and computer equipment wayBest Karaoke Lighting better than most of our competitors but we also carry and setup significantly more LIGHTING and LASER equipment than most. We try and set the mood to maximise your fun and create a cool atmosphere and vibe. Typically we like the lights down in the audience area but we really like to paint the room with light and make sure you can see whoever it is that is singing and to make them feel like a total star while they are up there performing. The psychology of karaoke is to make every patron who participates feel like they are the star of the show and also to encourage maximum audience participation. We do this very well.

Most of our sound equipment allows for a DMX lighting controller and / or is sound-activated. Be assured that Karaoke Newcastle takes your singing experience very seriously and will work tirelessly to make sure your patrons and guests have the best night out possible each and every time.

We LOVE feedback and appreciate YOURS. Feel free to tell us at the gig or get in contact via this web site. We improve THANKS to YOUR INPUT!

Check out our VIDEO COLLECTION from our various gigs on this web site and you will see what we mean.